Yummy Handmade, 100% Natural treats, approved by Bunnies, Guinea Pigs and other small animals. Made with Fluff in the UK♡

Hi Every-bun!
We are the creators of Bink 'n' Boop, and the hoomans of our adorable, cheeky bunnies on @binknboop !
We came up with Bink 'n' Boop when shopping for Bunny treats in a commercial pet store. We found that a lot of the treats contained colourings, flavourings and products that we were uncomfortable with our fur babies eating!
We set out to create delicious homemade natural treats, completely free of unnatural colours, flavourings and preservatives... and our bunnies LOVED THEM!
We now have made them available to every-bun to try and fall in love with too♡

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